Durable Residential Builders was born in 2008 to build the house you see on our website.  In late 2007 I began the search for a better insulation and (to make a long story short), ended up partnering with Texas A&M University to build a real world application of what we think is the 'right' way to build a house in 2008- an entire 'Building System' if you will.   Over the previous year we had developed our Building System and study design which emphasizes strength, system synergies, durability, comfort, safety, efficiency and yet, is not deaf to the constraints of cost.  We were ready to go and we needed a builder. 
Subsequently, I interviewed eight well known builders in the Houston area, some of which designate themselves to be 'green' builders and all of good solid reputations.  Each one was professional and clearly knew what they were doing, but none embraced the idea of this Building System.  Of those that said they would do it, the cost promised to be more than $300 PER SQUARE FOOT- far too much for me to build and certainly not something that can be widely purchased. A house at that price would be like driving in a limousine; yes people think it's nice, but nobody is rushing out to get one.   Based on our knowledge and research, we felt we could prove our Building System can be done for a cost that is competitive with today's higher end houses.  
Unable to come to an agreement with any builder here in town, I formed Durable Residential Builders and pressed on.  After discussions about this with Todd Rice of Rice Residential Design, he put me in contact with Jim Kuchenbrod.  Jim's experience of 30 years in every aspect of the building industry, including building 38 previous ICF houses made him the perfect person at the perfect time.  Jim came and interviewed with us, thinks like we do, sees the potential, feels the excitement, and agreed to move from Florida to join the company and, in time, became my partner.  
But that only addresses the building costs.  The financial payback of such a house as this is the operational costs.  We have preliminary evaluations that indicate the house may well have an electric bill that is one-tenth a like sized traditionally build house.  The home owners insurance estimate puts the cost of insurance for our house to be as much as seventy percent less than it's neighbors.  From a personal safety point of view, with the impact resistant windows (true laminated hurricane windows) and reinforced concrete walls, and metal roof, alarms and backup generator, the home leaves little to be desired,  Each system has been addressed, everywhere we could systems work together (for example the dehumidification process puts the water in the garden and heat off the compressors heats water) they do.  The air quality and humidity control should be superior and promises not to dry out the house in the winter.  Additionally, all the paints and floor finishes are low VOC.  Furthermore, everywhere we could we considered not only the materials, but how (and where) the chosen materials are obtained and made- from an earth friendly perspective.  Our Goal is to build a house anyone would want to live in with as much of a view toward our impact on the planet as possible. We build strong, build efficient, build durable and build as green as possible.  Built to last generations- as we see it: a house not replaced is the greenest house of all.

Safety, strength, comfort, at a competitive price.  That is Durable Residential Builders: building LEED certified, HERs rated, Fortified, Builder's Challenge homes.